Salvador Dali

Rinoceróntico Knob


Salvador Dalí's work was not restricted to the traditional furnishing elements, but included tap fittings, handles, door pulls, printed fabrics and objects of indeterminate use. The Rinoceróntico knob was designed by the artist in 1937, and is composed of three solid bronze parts fused together by precision casting to form a single body. The gloss finish is coated with a 25-micron varnish based on high-strength air-dried epoxy-resin.

Customizations: Custom colors and finishes are available but vary in price and minimum order amount, email us to discuss

Dimensions: 5.1” W x 9.4” L x 7.4” projection
Materials: Bronze
Fixture type: One screw
Lead time: 8-10 weeks
Order minimum: None
Return policy: None


Ships from: Barcelona, Spain — US customers may be charged import duties for orders over $800