Rachel Shillander

Psychedahlia Knob - Sterling Silver


“He loves me, he loves me not...” The Psychedahlia 2-Petal Knob by Rachel Shillander of Lland recreates a child’s game, each plucked petal bringing the child closer to hope or disappointment, and the flower closer to death. The piece includes a primary functional knob along with two decorative, post-mounted petals which are meant to be placed randomly, allowing the user to create a unique arrangement and decide whether the layouts of multiple knobs will mirror each other or differ completely. The knob is cast in solid sterling silver by craftsmen in the Jewelry District of Downtown L.A. Also available in solid bronze.

Customizations: None

Dimensions: 1.5” dia x .75” projection 
Materials: Sterling silver
Fixture type: One screw (plus petals which can be placed freely)
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Order minimum: None

Ships from: Los Angeles
Return policy: None