Boris de Beijer

Boris de Beijer originally trained as a jewelry designer at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, but went on to develop his practice in a multidisciplinary manner, working freely in between sculpture and applied design. Craftsmanship and traditional techniques have always had a central position in his practice, but he applies them in an unconventional manner, sometimes aiming to mislead the viewer about the true material nature of a work.

In recent years de Beijer has been creating a collection of glassware with local glassblowers, but apart from that series he has been almost exclusively focused on working with synthetic, non-traditional materials. Like the ancient alchemists, he transforms relatively cheap and common resources into new substances that are reminiscent of higher-value materials such as glass, minerals, and metals. This way of working adds to the alienating and almost otherworldly feel his work tends to provoke.

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