Boris de Beijer

Aquatic Pull - Dimpled

Color: Dark red

With certain resins it is possible to almost instantly translate a simple three-dimensional sketch — in this case in an oil-based clay — into an object that resembles a much higher-valued material. The shapes of the Aquatic pulls were inspired by primitive sea-creatures, but instead of copying existing forms, Dutch designer Boris de Beijer used found bits of broken car reflectors and shoe-soles to press imprints into the clay. These reliefs mimic the scales and skins of these early creatures. Cast in resin, they have both an ancient and a futuristic feel.

Customizations: Can be color-matched in custom colors for an additional fee of $15 per pull, email us to discuss

Dimensions: 1” W x 3.85” L x 1.75” projection 
Materials: PU and epoxy resin
Fixture type: Two screws, 1.6” apart
Lead time: 3-4 weeks
Order minimum: 4 pieces
Return policy: None


Ships from: The Hague, Netherlands — US customers may be charged import duties for orders over $800