James Shaw

Plastic Baroque D Handle - Large

Color: Pink

For the past decade, London designer James Shaw has been working with waste plastics using self-built extrusion machines. These allow for a hands-on, artisanal, and improvisational way of working with a very industrial and problematic material. The intent is to take a material typically considered disposable and to make beautiful things of lasting value from it. The Large D Handle is suitable as an appliance handle or a very long door / drawer pull. NOTE: Each handle is slightly different and unique, since these are hand-made and hand-dyed — the studio cannot control color variations, please see final image to understand the color variations possible among handles and within each order.

Customizations: Custom sizing is available for an additional fee of $12 per piece, and custom colors are available for an additional fee of $6 per piece; email us to discuss

Dimensions: 1.19” W x 11” L x 2” projection
Materials: Recycled HDPE plastic
Fixture type: Two screws, 10.07” apart
Lead time: None
Order minimum: 2 pieces
Return policy: No returns


Ships from: London — US customers may be charged import duties on orders over $800